You are invited to open wider, dream bigger and step into that which has not yet taken form.

If you seek a life of greater wholeness and fulfillment,  whether you are a high functioning professional, a woman in midlife, a professional artist or wannabe artist, or just simply someone ready to reconnect to self… You do not have to put this off to some time in the imaginary future which never comes.

If your connection to what you care about most has gotten lost or buried in the overwhelming whirl of details and pressure of everyday life…

If you are feeling shut down, boxed in, “small” no matter how much success you are having…

If you feel out of touch with your creative spark, your innovative  self….

I invite you to experience the combined power of ontological coaching and creativity practices as a means of bringing forth what is inside you so that you may live a life you truly love. This could be your time to dream, a time to open, a time to make meaningful change in your life.

Is it, finally, your time to bloom?

With or without a paintbrush in your hand, I call my approach Paint Big, Live Big!