Even a Monday can feel sacred

by Julie Claire on January 17, 2012

Since everything is sacred, staying close to what is sacred is a matter of presence and attention more than travel to some secret place
Mark Nepo,

…Today– I started the day knowing I had a list that would be five pages long, if I actually wrote one, of things that had to be done and that I wanted to do.  No list.  No go.

Today was slow.  And close to home.  And I felt like I was sitting in space, waiting to know something.  Wanting to know something. Not knowing what would rise to the present moment to be known, out of those five pages of material. Today felt sacred.

After a couple hours of stoking the fire and making tea,(how much tea can one person drink in a day?), it occurs to me it’s time for me to schedule my weekend painting workshops for the year.  Out comes the calendar, the pen, the pencil. Sifting through dates and prior commitments, I start feeling a wholeness, a picture surfacing.  A life unveiling itself. For most of the day somehow I am free of the rest of the list.

And as I struggle a little with the finishing details of this project, some of what didn’t happen starts to show itself.  What about this, and this, and this? But I feel like saying I DID IT.  I stayed close to home.  I let myself dwell.  In the sacred.  In what was coming through today.  It’s enough.  Are you as hungry for these “enough” experiences as I am?

photo credit:  David Coleman / tea bag is mine



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