About Julie

julie taking picture sand dunesI  live as close as I can to great sources of inspiration.  Since 1989 I have lived in New Mexico where vast horizons and magical skies bring me both the sense of being “home’ and in close contact to life’s edges and the miraculous. The muse is strong here.

Since graduating from U.C. Berkeley in the Social Sciences in 1987,  I have lived and worked as a professional singer/songwriter, an artist (painter) and co-owned a small ceramics art business.  I have also worked with small non profits, have been an organizational assistant, and have spent years facilitating the creative process for individuals and groups. My business, Full Bloom Coaching is the culmination of my work and training as an ontological coach, my skills as a facilitator of the creative process, my life as an artist.

Full Bloom Coaching

In some ways, Full Bloom Coaching has its origins in my work with VisionTending, a business I started in 2005 that was devoted to helping individuals and small businesses bring their right brain and left brain into the process of tending their larger vision while not losing track of the details.

In other ways, Full Bloom Coaching is primarily informed by my painting experiences with Majio (www.anavamicenter.com) . Here, I discovered new ways to experience my own creativity which led me to develop my own approach to intuitive painting workshops and facilitating creative processes.

It naturally came together as Full Bloom Coaching after I graduated from Newfield’s (www.newfieldnetwork.com) year long program for personal transformation and ontological coaching. I now bring my active connection with creativity to my work of personal transformation.


I live in El Rito, a small village in northern New Mexico with my husband David and our dog Sophie.  I live close enough to Santa Fe to have a city presence, but far enough away to live with the wild.

Spending time with the wild has changed me this last year in particular.  When I start my mornings next to the creek or under the cottonwoods,  I sit in the awareness of having been created, of being inextricably linked to nature’s presence. I am being taught how to trust life.

When not coaching, I enjoy painting in my studio, reading books that range from philosophical texts to young reader novels, taking a walk, and deep conversation.

My Vision:

My vision is for you to find personal fulfillment as you bring more of who you truly are into all that you do; be it career, family, creativity,  relationship, finances…

I know that it’s possible.  There is another way.  To live your life.  To be in this world.  What if you invited your true self into the center of your life and listened.  What would it say?  What would you let go of?  What would you do?