The Magic Of An Intuitive Painting Workshop

by Julie Claire on July 6, 2015

Regular art classes never worked for me. I don’t bloom in instructional settings.


Workshop Painters

It was when I first experienced painting in a sacred context, in a place of personal intimacy and depth that I opened up and found my inner painter alive and well.


Actually, I was completely shocked by how much energy I had to express and how good it felt to not know what I was doing but to do it anyway. Big brush, big canvas, big voice—it all came together.


I was lucky. I had someone who saw my unleashing and told me to keep painting. And I listened to her. I kept painting.


It is now my passion and a substantial part of my life’s work to help others experience their own freedom when picking up a paintbrush. One way I do this is by creating painting experiences that are steeped in sacred space and playful possibilities.


There is magic in the room

  •  We gather in a sacred circle, candle lit, and begin the morning with a few minutes of quiet time.  You will be guided in each painting session with a short meditation and some body movement to help you begin with ease.


  • You will never hear that someone likes or doesn’t like your painting in the experience.   This is my cardinal rule. No one will come up to you in the middle of your painting and begin a conversation or tell you how much they like what you are doing or how good it is. Nothing shuts down safe space more than hearing positive or negative judgment concerning your painting process.


  • No two people paint alike. Some people will paint images, some will paint color and texture, and some will paint words… I invite in a range of painting experiences from healing/therapeutic process paintings to spontaneous creative expressions without “meaning”.

Workshop Painter

  • You will have anonymity in that we agree at the beginning of the day not to identify anyone individually when sharing experiences of the workshop once it’s finished. No need to feel self-conscious!


  • The materials are very nontechnical. We use liquid acrylic paints, paper plates as pallets, and industrial black paper as our canvas. Crude and simple, these materials will help you feel free to experiment and explore. No white canvas “Oh my god! How do I start?” moments.


  • Inspired poetry and background music help fuel your creative fire and focus your spontaneous play.


  • You are off the hook for making a painting! Process is queen. You can have an incredibly fulfilling workshop experience without liking your painting.


  • You have dedicated painting time to paint with or without individual conversations with me. Some people flourish on their own, in silence, while others need time and/or a conversation with me to help them get unstuck or expand in some way.

hand and plate, great copy

There are a million ways to paint, to write, to dance. No one way of approaching art making is possible or desirable. This, however, for me is true: Sacred space is essential to all my work as a creativity-based coach and an intuitive painter. I see people without any painting experience bloom in this intimate, conducive environment.

If regular art classes aren’t for you, but you’d like to paint and express your self heart-fully and passionately, I urge you to give yourself the gift of a workshop experience to paint in.

It might just be the soul elixir your creative spirit has been waiting for.

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Ground Isn’t Sexy

by Julie Claire on June 1, 2015

For much of my life, I didn’t have a primary relationship to the ground.  I was much more interested in new ideas, being inspired, and feeling free.  I habitually focused on the next new project and moving forward.


Ground isn’t sexy.

Focusing on being grounded used to feel too heavy, too fixed, static and serious.

But I reached a point in my life where I NEEDED to the ground.

In order for my dreams of an intuitive painting and coaching business to come true I needed to take smaller steps and to stand firmly in what I was offering.  This is still true for me.

It’s not enough for me to be inspired or on a mission.

The ground is the earth.  And the earth helps me complete ideas that were brought in by fire and wind.

My connection to the earth currently includes the river near my studio, the trees out my windows, the song of the earth as well as the dirt below my feet.

The spirit of the earth is not just “clunk”.

As you develop a deeper relationship to ground, your work begins to take on great sense of ease, your presence a great depth, height and width.

There are so many gifts to grounding in earth energy.

Being grounded:

  • Connects you to the horizon.  This connection to the horizon connects your daily small actions to your larger vision of your life, your art.  This is the territory of big dreams, small steps.
  • Helps you access your inner authority that backs your hunches, listens for your intuition.  This breeds confidence and freedom of expression, freeing you up from incessant self questioning and doubt.
  • Appears as the breath in your speaking voice that allows your words to land.  Have you ever experienced yourself rushing to speak because you didn’t think someone would listen to you if you spoke slowly
  • Brings you the strength to stand your ground and not sell yourself short.  This is the place of “I am….I am enough…I am more that enough for this situation.”|
  • Resonates as a place of belonging.  And what a satisfying feeling to feel inextricably linked to Life itself, to the natural world, to your loved ones.  What an antidote for insecurity!

With your eyes on the horizon, and your feet on the ground, what might be possible for you?

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