The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. (Marcel Proust)


Full Bloom Coaching is ontologically based,  working with your assessments of life, your emotional patterns and the body’s influence on shaping experience. It can be described as the art of reconnecting.  Awareness is the key, curiosity and lightness wonderful companions.

  • create a new vision of what is possible
  • gain greater access to your talents and creativity
  • transform your way of being in the world


The first step:

I offer a complementary initial 30 minute coaching conversation.  This gives us the opportunity to “meet” before you commit.  Please contact me by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

Sessions for individuals looking for change:   I offer both phone sessions and in-person sessions.  In Santa Fe I have a wonderful office/studio located on Upper Canyon Road.  In El Rito, sessions take place in my expansive, passive solar art studio.

Investment:  $125/hour

Commitment: I typically ask for an initial commitment of three months.  I often find it is helpful to start with weekly sessions as a way of building  the momentum needed for deep change , allowing for greater coaching success.  After the original three months, people mostly work on a month to month basis, two to four sessions a month.  I am open to coaching on a session by session basis if the individual is seeking more of a tune-up than a transformation.

Group Offers: Ongoing telecalls, Coaching groups, Women’s Groups, Creativity Sessions, Intuitive Painting Workshops…Contact me for more info.

Sessions for leaders and professional teams: Two and a half  hour, half day and weekend intuitive painting/coaching experiences aimed at creating a more dynamic connection to presence and flow for individuals  and effectively building trust and new connections within a group.

My specialty: I have developed a unique way of bringing creativity and body awareness into the coaching process.  Clients often find themselves drawing, painting or expressing themselves through movement in a session or between sessions.  No experience in art of any kind is necessary, only a commitment to show up as you are and open to new horizons, new eyes.  I have seen people shift dramatically as a result of drawing, tuning into metaphors, or walking instead of sitting during the coaching process.  People who feel like they are great “talkers” and have done a lot of therapy find they can bypass mental inertia  by inviting the right brain into the process, creativity as a means to self transformation.  And it’s fun!