Coaching Testimonials

Thank you so much for our session today and our work together!  I think it has had amazing results. Not only do I feel I am creating a life that brings me more joy, recognizing negative motivations for myself has been so freeing.  In turn, this gives me more compassion for others… Eliza, Non Profit Executive Director, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Julie, Thanks !  I appreciate your support with this burgeoning process of establishing my own ground in this whirlwind of busyness.  I am feeling good, growing in confidence about my own way.  Yes, living a life true to Self is quite something…. You are a wise and talented guide for me during this transformative time and I’m very grateful that you’ve opened the door to more of my creativity, it’s an exciting exploration. See you next week! Sedena C Cappanelli, Co-Founder of AgeNation, Life/Energy Consultant, author and speaker.

Thank you so much for another vision-opening, vision-enlarging, point-to-removing-limits session!  Much love and gratitude…and wonder! Lu Stevenson,  Oakland,  California

It was your ability to name the vision that enabled me to claim it.  You set me on this path in  way I’ve never traveled before.  It is with so very much appreciation and love that I thank you for sharing your visionary gifts. Susan Guevara, Children’s Book Illustrator, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I feel there has been a mini explosion or blossoming over the last five days.  Thanks to your encouragement and ever-positive presence in my life!  I’ve walked into that template/temple, it’s all around me!  Thanks for listening and for being there for me. Georgia Hodges,  San Francisco,  California

I feel as if the work that I’m doing with Julie encourages and asks me to observe myself from a place of compassionate curiosity so that I can see old patterns, explore new choices, and become more fully aligned with my true nature.  Thank you Julie! Lizzie Morris,  Massage Therapist, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thank you for today.  I so appreciate your non-judgmental, encouraging and deeply loving ways.  My psyche is allowed to relax and unfold as it will.  I feel closer to the joy now. Jess Webb,  Small Business Owner/Artist, Santa Cruz California

Thanks so much Julie.  I am in much amazement in this experience of true growth. Anna Regnery, Artist,  Santa Fe, New Mexico