Creativity Coaching

“It’s the day to day that is so important — the work I’m doing is honoring an inner drive/desire/motivation.  I’m interested to see how my feelings about the goals and big ideas evolve as I work like this for a while.  THANKS so much.  I wouldn’t be here it if weren’t for your amazing support.”  Georgia Hodges, San Francisco

My work with artists usually falls into one of these territories:

Getting Unstuck, opening up the process of art making, finding new eyes, new possibilities.

Getting Started, helping people through the process of creating art for the first time or taking the next step towards being a working artist

Getting Practical, supporting the dream, taking the next step.

Phone sessions:  45 – 60 minute sessions or in person sessions

Conversation based sessions are usually an hour, where as combo sessions of coaching + painting often go longer.

Commitment:  For transformational change, I ask for a three month commitment. If you are an artist looking for stand alone tune-up sessions or more infrequent sessions this is also possible.

Investment:  $125 per hour.  Sliding scale available for people in financial hardship.

I work with some artists on the phone and some in person.  Some clients find it helpful to draw or paint during the session.  Some don’t. My Santa Fe and El Rito office/studio spaces are both set up for painting or not painting during a session.  There is no formula here.

For most of the last twenty something years, I have lived in the company of artists and have been either professionally active as an artist or in the business of selling art. I have been a musician at home/on tour/on the radio,  I have been co-owner of a ceramics business for many years  both creating and co-running the business , and I am an intuitive  painter who also facilitates painting groups.  I have taught ceramics to children and creativity to all ages.  I spend much of my time navigating the creative process, with all of its inspiring components and its challenges.