Is This You?

Is your life “too small for the size of your caring”? Do you feel the call to bring more of who you truly are into your personal and professional life?

Are you a woman in your 50’s or 60’s ready to live from a greater sense of purpose? Are you wanting to feel fulfilled, experience courage and come out of hiding?

Are you feeling shut down around the “blank page”, and want  to open the doors to your creative juices?  Have you always wanted to try intuitive painting?

Are you smart…but tired of thinking about what you want to do and not doing it? Are you done  understanding why it is you aren’t doing something?  Are you ready to engage life fully, putting one foot in front of the other in service of your true calling?

Are you a “successful” man at midlife who is looking to make a change professionally or personally? Are you living an old dream?  Is it time to make a meaningful change?

Are you a wannabe artist who wants to find a way to invite art into the center of your life? You created art when you were younger, you may have even gone to art school way back when, or you’ve always felt like you might have a creative gift but you haven’t taken the leap yet.

Are you a professional artist wanting to make a big change in your work? Do you need help following through with a big project?  Or do you feel like you’re looking for a little less technical and a little more magical?  Is it time to rediscover the mystery that first got you hooked?

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, Full Bloom Coaching is designed to help you get where you want to go and be who you want to be.

I have successfully worked with independent professionals, nonprofit directors, architects, doctors, filmmakers, marketing strategists, project managers, educators, healers, visionaries, artists……full time moms, recently divorced women, women at mid-life who have relocated and starting over, young women looking to make change and take a leap of faith, men discovering  new horizons…

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