Emerge Intuitive Painting Play-Shop


Emerge:  An Intuitive Painting Play-Shop in Santa Fe
to wake up the favorite parts of yourself.

  So often we think we need to be serious to be profound. It’s amazing what can show up if we let it in a place of lighthearted exploration.

This is a unique opportunity to let yourself come out of perfectionism and into simply being yourself with a paintbrush in your hand.   As you paint without technical instruction, you will discover your own “way” of painting and emerging.

You will have ample time to paint and reflect each session on your own.

You pay up front registration fee of $225—you come to as many sessions as you like, with or without coaching time. Limited to group size of 8. 

In the mood of play, we will explore:
Primary colors and the joy of simplicity
Intuitive self portraits
Expressing your animal body
The emotions of coming out of hiding

In the mood of play, we will experiment with:
A variety of brushes, and the invitation to layer paint in any way imaginable.
Palette knives and drawing tools.
Inviting in your hands, cloth and paper towels.
Charcoal, pencil, pastels too.
Black paper. White Canvas.

Please note that I have recently changed the start date to February 14th and there is now three Tuesdays in series.  Hope to see you soon….

Three Tuesday Afternoon Painting Sessions
in Santa Fe 12:30-3:30  February 14,  21,  28   plus
a 45 minute one-on-one coaching session w/ Julie
$225 includes everything (tax, materials…)


Please stay tuned for the next Emerge Play-Shop