2014 Intuitive Painting Events

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2015 Calendar of Intuitive Painting Experiences


 January 10, 11  2015 in Santa Fe

January 24, 25 in El Rito NM

 Painting Into The New Year

-releasing the old and invoking the new-

10am to 5pm both days.  All materials provided.

It’s amazing what happens when we trust ourselves, when we trust our inner inklings, without any knowledge or preconception of what we’re going to do.  We pick up color and we paint.  In two days you will see your spontaneity, your colors, take shape and become something.  It probably won’t be what you “think” it will be, but something will happen.  And that something has to do with soul, our childlike curiosity, our adventurous self.

This two day workshop is designed to deepen your trust of your own creativity,  experience your own “voice”, and expand who it is you know yourself to be. This is my original workshop format and continues to be a powerful and surprising weekend of playfully engaging your creative spirit and finding your flow–your innate freedom to paint. Registration includes all materials and digital photos: $245 + tax. Early-bird registration until December 20th–only $225 plus sales tax.


February 14
For The Love of Color

A wonderful addition to my calendar; I just could’t resist gathering on Valentine’s day.
Nurture your inner artist and celebrate your Muse in this one day workshop.

10am-5pm Santa Fe studio

Spring Saturdays–One Day Workshops:

10am-5pm Santa Fe studio

March 7:  Passion Play

March 14:  Paint Big, Live Big! (on demand)

March 21: Painting with your Muse

April 11th: Creativity and Courage

One Day Intuitive Painting Experiences for people who want to play, paint, create, explore, engage, open up and come alive!  We will fully engage in the creative process and still be home for dinner.  Large scale acrylics.  All materials provided. / $125 plus sales tax.

Why take an intuitive painting workshop?

To rediscover your juicy side, giving your left brain a day off.
To experience painting from a place of freedom and openness rather than criticism and shut down
To receive guidance by a creativity coach–trained in the loving art of helping you open and take the next step.
To experience intuitive painting in a small group and  sacred space with inspired music, poetry and soulful conversation.
To jump start your art making or discover your inner artist.
To allow yourself time and space to be inspired .


May 9/10 2015
Creativity and Courage

Have you always wanted to paint?

Are you an artist that needs to get unstuck or  reconnected to your artistic passions?

Have you not picked up a paint brush since you were a kid?

My intuitive painting workshops are designed to take you deep into the creative process in a playful, nonjudgmental space, connecting you to your natural inner artist and giving you a the opportunity to Paint Big, Live Big!

People come alive in these workshops in unexpected ways. More info

We will be a small group, gathering in sacred circle with poetry and inspired music helping us along.  We begin at 10am and complete by 5pm each day.

$225 early-bird price until April 20th/regularly $245 (+sales tax)
PayPal available


Summer Saturdays–One Day Workshops:
Finding Your Creative Flow

June 6:   10am-5pm Santa Fe Studio

July 11:  10am-5pm Santa Fe Studio

Large scale acrylics.  All materials provided. / $125 plus sales tax.


September 12/13 2015
Your Creative Flow

This two day workshop is designed for the true beginner and for the seasoned painter alike.  it is designed to help free you from the inner critic, the perfectionist, the need to figure life out. They are about opening up, freeing up, and connecting with your natural creativity.  They are about finding the inspiration and passion that has been lost in the day to day of life.

People come alive in these workshops in unexpected ways. More info

We will be a small group, gathering in sacred circle with poetry and inspired music helping us along.  We begin at 10am and complete by 5pm each day.

$225 early-bird price until August 20th/regularly $245 (+sales tax)
PayPal available


Relearning Emotions Workshop
with Dan Newby and Julie Claire
(in late September in a beautiful New Mexico retreat spot)

In late September I am thrilled to be co-facilitating this incredible weeklong workshop with my colleague Dan Newby. Dan has a great website and plenty of information on what this workshop is about.  Primarily for coaches and leaders.

Relearning Emotions Workshop Info here


Fall Saturdays–One Day Workshops:
Paint Big, Live Big!

October 17:  10am-5pm Santa Fe Studio

November 7th:  10am-5pm Santa Fe Studio

November 14th:  10am-5pm El Rito Studio
El Rito is approximately one hour from Santa Fe and Taos.  This is my original art studio, with wood stove and lot’s of solar windows and ambience.

Large scale acrylics.  All materials provided. / $125 plus sales tax.



Wednesday Mornings: Creativity Time Process Painting, Collage & Conversation

9:00-noon Wednesday Mornings Facilitated by transformational life and creativity coach Julie Claire We are a small group of women and men, sharing poetry, check-ins, creativity conversations and dedicated  painting time (acrylic paints) and collage.  No experience necessary–You’ll be surprised at what you can do! All materials included.  Ongoing Investment:  $150/for four sessions includes materials and sales tax. First session:  Come check it out with no obligation or commitment–$25 See Julie’s profile on Santa Fe’s Creative Tourism website! —————-



Have your own creativity mentor and a painting life you’ve always dreamed of!

Be freed up to paint, find your flow, and paint from home on a regular basiwith your own private one-on-one creativity coach.

PAINT BIG, LIVE BIG! –LIVE and ONLINE is a highly individualized and unique program, designed to give you an experience painting freely, in a way you’ve always dreamed of, in your own home or studio, without getting stopped by your inner critic or your busy schedule.

Please see info page on this program.




 Painting with Passion

November 8,2014  Santa Fe
November 15, 2014  El Rito 


October 18, 2014: Painting with Your Muse


September 20, 21  2014:  Your Creative Flow

Santa Fe, 10am to 5pm both days.  All materials provided.


 Summer One Day Intuitive Painting Experiences:

 August 23,  July 26,  June 7th    2014


May 17/18th:  Creative, Courageous You

2014 Santa Fe, 10am to 5pm both days.  All materials provided.


Color, Passion, and Play 

Saturdays  April 19   March 22,   March 15    2014  Santa Fe


Painting into the New Year Release the Old, Invoke the New

January 11, 12 2014  Santa Fe New Mexico

January 25, 26 2014 El Rito New Mexico $245 via PayPal credit card or check

Intuitive Transformational Experiences:  Weekend Workshops These January workshops are an annual event, happening in a very inspiring time of year, with a great deal of depth and creative spaciousness.  Please join us for a time of creative flow and setting a wonderful tone to the beginning of 2014.