Paint Big, Live Big! now live and online

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Be freed up to paint, find your flow, and paint from home on a regular basis with your own private one-on-one creativity coach.


PAINT BIG, LIVE BIG! –LIVE and ONLINE is a highly individualized and unique program, designed to give you an experience painting freely, in a way you’ve always dreamed of, in your own home or studio, without getting stopped by your inner critic or your busy schedule.

The core of this program is in the 8 live individual painting sessions and the ongoing creativity coaching sessions.

Commit to this 2-3 month program and you will be saying YES to your artist within.
Are you longing to intuitively express yourself in paint? 

What if you knew that no matter what else showed up in your busy schedule, you had time set aside to paint in a way that was compelling and inspiring?

What if you had a mentor to guide you through difficult painting moments and self-doubt?

What would it feel like to finally put your painting life on the front burner and know that this was the year you made it happen?

What would it mean to you to paint the way you’ve always dreamed of?

 LB Portrait I first met Julie during an intuitive painting session in her Santa Fe studio in April 2011. Ever since then, a small light has been glowing inside me, kindling old passions and interests in art, architecture and design.

I have been taking bi-weekly intuitive painting sessions with Julie over Skype now (about 8 or 9 sessions so far over Skype). I have a canvas usually 2.5-3 feet by 3.5-4 feet to paint during a session. It is exhilarating to fill such a big space with your own voice in colors and shapes. Surprisingly to me, these art sessions had helped me refresh my analytical mind and had helped me approach problems not only in my personal sphere but at work also, without fear and very creatively. 

In other words, I am transferring my intuitive painting experience to my “real life”. What Julie’s intuitive painting sessions taught me to do is to listen to my inner voice, and to put what I heard in a form, and in shapes without worry or fear. Julie’s encouragement helped me free myself of the need to paint for audience that will grade my painting. In the process, I began to learn how to overcome my fears  – for example one of the most debilitating fears I have is making deliberately radical changes in my life.

I cannot possibly imagine my life now without the intuitive painting sessions. My experience to paint freely and big during these sessions, has been centering and empowering influence on my mind, heart, body. As a result, I am beginning to think bigger, and to reach for opportunities which previously I did not allow myself to think about, or I thought they were in the realm of wild dreams.
Lyubomira Buresch, NC

Interested? Questions? Contact Julie for a complementary 15 minute phone session.

LIVE and ONLINE Program Registration: only $1995. 
What can you expect from this program?  

1.  Establish dedicated painting space at home.

2.  Enjoy confidentiality in our partnership.  You don’t have to be concerned about being vulnerable or a “beginner” in a group.

2.  Be guided through the process of gathering your paints and materials if needed.

3.  Receive encouragement to take small steps of great courage and open up your creative process so you won’t feel stuck.

4.  Find new ways to see your work.

5.  Receive non-critical feedback on the painting you worked on during the live session and feedback on other paintings you paint between sessions if applicable.

6.  Support in lessening the impact of the inner critic and releasing the negativity that can come up when we dare to live bigger.

7.  Have a place of accountability.  Your commitment is simply to show up. Something always happens when you show up.

8. Not feel pressured to paint in between sessions if time doesn’t allow for this.

9.  Receive support in between sessions: You are invited to send Julie emails which she will refer to on your next call with her.  It really helps to know you are not alone.

10.  Gain a personal sense of inner authority that wasn’t there before. When we paint big, we begin to live big as well.  This is what got me hooked.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST GIFTS OF THIS OFFER:  To give yourself a way for your dream of painting to come into fruition.  And after you have completed the program you will have the opportunity to keep collaborating with Julie as you continue to build your painting life.


10394568_10152135287596316_4560589140570471218_nWorking with Julie for several months through our intuitive painting sessions has been a process of delightful discovery offering elements of surprise, deep understanding, and soulful conversation. Tapping into a process formerly unknown to and unpracticed by me, I learned to approach the canvas with anticipation and curiosity while stepping into the unknown and often receiving visual messages from my subconscious through my own hand.

It became like painting a lucid dream than then interpreted itself while I observed and witnessed the process. Julie keenly knows how to tap into the personal moment, set the space with clarity and intention, and midwife a creative process that became so meaningful and sacred to me as I worked through personal barriers of the heart and soul.

Having access to Julie via Skype is not only a technological wonder but also a gift and presents a wonderful opportunity for seekers across the globe to trust, create, and play with a master of soul work using the medium of paint.

Carla Golden
holistic natural health and healing, Hilton Head Island


Now for what I don’t do:

  • I won’t tell you what is good and what isn’t.
  • I won’t give you technical instructions on how to paint.
  • I won’t compare you to other painters.
  • I won’t teach you to paint like me.  The joy in this for me is that everyone brings their own unique voice and being to the process. You may paint images, you may not, you may paint in all kinds of different ways.  There is no one way here.

Interested? Questions? Contact Julie for a complementary 15 minute phone session.

This program is for you if…

1. You want an ongoing, sustainable painting practice at home.

2.  You want to intuitively express yourself in color, with paint, from the inside out, connecting with your heart.

3.  You are able to clear your schedule and claim the space to paint two hours every week or two (depending on what we arrange), in an uninterrupted way.  Uninterrupted means:  no cell phone, no children’s needs, no husband’s needs, no emails.  (And I’ve worked with some very busy career women who “simply” turn off their communication devices for the two hours we meet and then turn then on again).

I have seen that given the right context of safe and sacred space, people open up and experience themselves in ways they only dreamed possible.

  •  Maybe you already have a studio in your home but don’t use it, or maybe you want to use the spare bedroom for your own creative life;  You know how incredible it would feel to actually follow through on your desire to paint, to connect soulfully with yourself amidst a world of external demands and schedules.
  •  Maybe you know that the only way this will happen is if you don’t try to do it alone, but give yourself the gift of support and mentorship.
  • Maybe you are very creative in other areas of your life but have never tried painting…you don’t do well in regular classes where the teacher shows you what to do (technique oriented)…went to art school but its been YEARS…studied art therapy years ago… were shut down as a kid and told you were no good at painting but would love to paint…
  • If you could do it on your own, you’d already be doing it.  You’re not crazy, you simply need some help– accountability, guidance, mentorship, light-heartedness.

Why Me? My Background, My Experience:

I am an artist who lives for the blank page. My approach to creativity coaching comes directly from my own experience as an artist fumbling through years of painting on my own, out of my comfort zone.

I have been in the exact situations you may find yourself in while painting. I have also experienced loving my paintings and creating a body of work I am proud of. I have exhibited my paintings, sold my paintings. My living room is full of my artwork.

I am a professional certified coach, certified by Newfield Network (NCC) and the International Coaching Federation (PCC) with over 1000 hours of pure life coaching with individuals.

In my work as a coach, I help people through transitions: emotional shifts from shame to celebration, midlife changes from a life of focusing on others to a life of personal fulfillment and service, from living small to living big and courageous, from a place of denial to a place of grounded vision….

Coaching has required that I develop the skills necessary to engage with sacred space while I listen to, partner with, and challenge others in a way that allows for emotional depth and profound experiences.   I have noticed that this is rare in the strictly “painting” world.

I am a highly experienced creativity facilitator: Since 2005 I’ve been guiding creative women and men through profound creative experiences, helping them find their own natural creative flow and expression in ways they had no idea was possible.  I have worked with people who haven’t painted since they were in elementary school, wannabe artists, and professional artists needing to reignite their art life. . I have developed an approach to intuitive painting that I call Paint Big, Live Big!

I’m delighted to express how invaluable it has been painting with you once a week.  In addition to providing a structure of time set aside, the intersection of painting and work is real and true; perhaps even more than an intersection:  a mirror.  I have found, over and over, a new relationship is revealed whether to pushing boundaries or experimenting a new.  Having “my time” with your focused guidance has opened me up as an artist in front of the canvas and in my creative work outside the studio.  Thank you!
Elizabeth Sackler, Founder, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum
My Paint Big, Live Big approach:

  1. Encourages people to come present before painting through a short meditation or silence
  2. Welcomes emotions and body into the painting session.
  3. Brings you through your inner life, inviting you to start from where you are now emotionally, giving you permission to paint without controlling the process.
  4. Welcomes change in the painting process. It’s okay to see a bird in your painting and have it shift to a tiger by the time you’re through.
  5. Encourages people to take digital photos of their painting process to help them feel free to change their painting as they continue.
  6. Encourages different styles and approaches to paint. People’s paintings do not look the same when they work with me. And they do not look like my paintings. There is no “right way” to paint.
  7. Encourages play and staying with a painting long past the time when the painter “likes’ what they see.
  8. Uses acrylics and encourages layering and scraping along with brushing.
  9. Encourages large scale painting. Minimum size 30”x30”(often 3 ‘ x 4’)

I have my own story of how I became a painter and how that in turn opened up my life in ways I never could have imagined.

As I began to paint large format I noticed that I was no longer able to keep my voice hidden in the rest of my life or let fear stop me from taking risks as much, no longer able to hide. I found courage in my life after finding it in my painting process. I got bigger as my paintings got bigger.

I invite others to do this in their own lives, in their own way. Because if I can do it, i believe you can too. Over and over agin I hear people overjoyed to experience that something happens when they paint. They are connected to the mystery of life; They are connected to the Muse.

What’s included in Live and Online?

  • A list of painting materials needed and links to buy the materials online.
  • Eight one-on-one sessions with Julie Claire via Skype or phone. Each session is two hours total. We meet online for approximately 30 minutes, then you paint offline for 75 minutes and we end with another 15 minutes together online.
  • Two 45 minute individual coaching sessions with Julie. Sessions completely individualized. Possible topics: Setting up your painting space, working with the materials, getting out of your head and into your creative flow, working with your inner critic, finding new eyes to see your paintings with, creative momentum, how to continue on your own and more.
  • Weekly emails of inspiring poetry and creativity writings.
  • Invitation to send Julie email updates and photos of your paintings and/or process as you progress through the program. Great way to stay connected,
  • Suggested reading list for igniting creative process.
  • A 50% discount on any other painting workshops during the initial 3 months.

LIVE and ONLINE Program Registration: only $1995.  Let’s get started!  Register now: $1995



Logistics of Sessions: You will meet regularly on Skype or phone with Julie before and after every scheduled painting session, giving you helpful and process oriented feedback along with sacred space in which to share your process. In the painting time built into each session offline, you will actually paint. You will be encouraged to take courageous and playful steps that help you express your creativity freely.

Isn’t it time to explore your painting life with freedom and ease, lightheartedness and mentorship?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin