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Have you always wanted to paint?

Are you an artist that needs to get unstuck or  reconnected to your artistic passions?

Have you not picked up a paint brush since you were a kid?

My intuitive painting workshops are designed to take you deep into the creative process in a playful, nonjudgmental space, connecting you to your natural inner artist and giving you a the opportunity to Paint Big, Live Big!

One Day and Two Day Intuitive Painting Experiences:
Creative Flow

These  workshops are designed for the true beginner and for the seasoned painter alike.  They are designed to help free you from the inner critic, the perfectionist, the need to figure life out. They are about opening up, freeing up, and connecting with your natural creativity.  They are about finding the inspiration and passion that has been lost in the day to day of life.

People come alive in these workshops in unexpected ways.

You work on one large piece with acrylics paints….
approximately 3 feet by 4 feet and will have two dedicated extended painting sessions per day—one in the morning, one in the afternoon—with time for a very heart opening style of feedback  (no criticism in these sessions). We will have a luxurious hour for lunch spent sitting indoors in the studio or outdoors near the river.  The group energy is very helpful in putting people at ease and making painting an unintimidating, shared experience.

While there is no technical instruction in these workshops, I help you get unstuck and find your own way to paint and engage with your painting.

What’s the studio like?
My Santa Fe studio is located in a beautiful setting along the Santa Fe River on Upper Canyon Road. This is Old World Santa Fe, close to the Audubon, a natural bird refuge, and hiking trails galore.   The studio has high ceilings with skylights, plenty of windows and an area to gather and sit comfortably as well as a large painting area.

My El Rito studio is located approximately one hour from Santa Fe and from Taos.  It is a large, expansive studio with funk and charm and plenty of great painting juju.  This is my personal art studio and has tall ceilings, plenty of windows and light, gathering and painting space, and the feel and pulse of rural Northern New Mexico coming through the windows. Wood stove completes the space.

We gather in sacred space, with beautiful background music and poetry for inspiration, as a small group (up to 9 people)  Beginners Welcome. You will be surprised at what you do!

Why take an intuitive painting workshop?

  • To rediscover your juicy side, giving your left brain a day off
  • To experience painting from a place of freedom and openness rather than criticism and shut down
  • To receive guidance by a creativity coach–trained in the loving art of helping you open and take the next step.
  • To experience intuitive painting in a small group and  sacred space with inspired music, poetry and soulful conversation
  • To jump start your art making or discover your inner artist.
  • To allow yourself time and space to be inspired .

Registration includes all materials and digital  photos:
One Day workshop $125  Two day workshop $225 early-bird/or $245 regular

My Approach
My experience as a professional life and creativity coach and as an artist have combined to give me a unique perspective on the creative process, partnering with people, and finding ways to help people step into new territories.

Everyone is at their unique place in the creative process.  My hope is to help you identify what would be your freeing step, your open door, and helping you take that step, moving beyond old stuck places.

For some people an image will show up, for others no image.  But there is always a threshold you can step through, leaving control, inviting in a mystical path, a creative path, and play!

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